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Love for flowers. Part 1.

Why do I like to draw flowers?

As you get to see more of my work, you’ll find that I like to draw and paint a lot of flowers. Every time I find myself in an art block and don’t want to draw or paint, I tend to start drawing flowers to get me out of that block. Sometimes when I’m starting to sketch a flower(s), I’m able to connect and spend the necessary time to turn a sketch into a drawing.

I like to draw flowers because they represent perfectly the cycle of life. How they begin to grow, and get to that fulfilling moment of blossom. And then, slowly or fast, they start to fade away. It’s a reminder of life and death, and they are simple being. Can’t help to be mesmerized by them, specially on my walks.

MediumPencil on paperDate2017 - 2018CategoryDrawingShare