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What I Do

Drawings, Traditional and Digital Art, created with patience, awareness and emotion.

Andrea Acosta

Visual Artist

about the studio

Making Art to unite spirits and purpose

creative approach

To Create Art & Connect with the World

I enjoy playing with different mediums, and learn the different limitations and effects that happen with each painting. All for fun… and improve!


Favorite Works

My life education is quite wide: engineering, new media design, yoga teacher training, and master of arts. I have taken art courses to learn and get better foundations, but also I’m self-taught in other techniques.
"Satin dancing dreams"
Canvas Panel
"Loving friendships"
Stretched Canvas
"Expecting joy"
Digital Painting
My toolbox

Check What I Use and Make Art With

I make art with any mediums I have at hand, as long as I want to try it, I use it and play with it. My goal is to learn as much art as I can.

From pencils, to oil, to using photoshop. As I keep learning about myself, I can learn from different materials and techniques. Art is limitless.

Through her art, she captures the essence of emotions, which she enriches with the selection of colors and points of light that add shine, turning everyday moments into a unique and unforgettable expression of beauty.

She has the ability to combine real life situations with the creative magic of imagination, generating unique pieces of art that convey the inner essence of the people she captures in her paintings.

When I look at these works of art tears of joy come to my eyes,
brings back wonderful memories of past experiences.

They touch my ❤️

This spot could be yours!!!
If you’ve enjoyed my Art work, use the contact from and feel free to send me a nice review. Words of encouragement are always appreciated.

After sending me the message, I’ll review it and let you know once it has been posted. Thank you in advance.

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