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About The Studio

Artem • Ki • Dharma

What Artem•Ki•Dharma Does

Exploring & Creating Futures with Art

There are affirmations we can use to improve how we view life. With art we can reconnect with our spirits. Art can help us visualize our purpose and/or dreams.

Projects Complete

This number will increase over the years. Our shop page is a minor reflection of that progress.

Pending Creative Ideas

There’s no limit in our ideas. We can always let our imagination and goals run wild.

creative approach to life

Visualizations with artistic touches

For those who love the internal work to make changes in their lives, and want to see themselves achieving their goals in a painting!


Andrea Acosta

Visual Artist

Yoga Teachings



Facing Death and then Living your Life


Breast Cancer

Poetry from the soul

I'm a Poet too...
Let's collaborate

Be More Close To Your Purpose

A•K•D's Meaning

"He who works with his hands, head and heart, is an Artist" ~ unknown. Forms of art to help us fit what we experience.

Creative Purpose

With custom digital art, you can take advantage of illustrating your dreams and goals. All of us can visualize our lives.