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Our lives are intertwined with technology more now and it increases everyday. We use digital devices to get our jobs done and they influence our daily lives. What can be the digital purpose of Art and Spirit? This is a question that started this service.

Flexibility with expressions and creating art

There are pros and cons for digital art. It provides tools that traditional art doesn’t offer, and as an artist it might be less stressfull. Digital art has the flexibility of undoing errors, or creating different versions as you progress in the art piece.

With custom digital art, you can take advantage of illustrating your dreams and goals more easily and faster. If you want (or wanted) to be a dancer, you can order a digital art piece that has you as a dancer. Another possibility is using a personal picture, and change the background to a place you wish to go some day. The field to express yourself is wide with Digital Art.

Process and room for improvements

One of the pieces from the video below, it was inspired by a picture of a relative. We changed the background and added flowers. We saved the progress as different images that helped create this video. There are always room for improvement but knowing when to stop is of equal importance.

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