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KI (気) is a Japanese word I learned through my husband. It’s the Japanese word for air; atmosphere; flavor; heart; mind; spirit; feelings; humor; an intention; mind; will; and, many more. This word, like infinite more words, is useful and powerful when joined with others. The one word I chose from the translation possibilities to focus in my art practice is… Spirit.

Artem & Ki(気)

Just like Artem, Ki(気) can mean different things for different people. Words translate to many options and sometimes it’s hard to clarify depending on culture, and other factors. I’m using the word Ki (気) to ground me in front of my art. This word can guide me on how to focus my creativity and intention behind my art practice and work. Practicing to remember the different meanings of these words, serves as inspiration for what to draw and paint.

A studio like mine, can offer ways to help people play with the different meanings of Artem & Ki(気). The art that I want to create and offer, it wants to heal our hearts and guide us to reconnect with our spirits.

As a fun fact, I want to share that I also heard this Ki(気) concept when I practiced Aikido for a short period of time in my life.

Aikido teacher and theoretician Stefan Stenudd refers to ki as “the ether of intention,” and others have equated it with creative flow and inspiration.

David Watts Barton

I’ve tried many ways to get in touch with my Ki(気), as in Spirit. I try to be open to it and it makes me feel appreciative of what’s around me. I find a connection to my Spirit in my walks, and I find it sometimes in the stillness of a yoga pose. One of the ways I’ve been practicing since mid-2020, it’s through music. Below is a video, of one song I learned how to play in piano.

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