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Time & Eternity Goddess

MediumWatercolorDate2019Size9x12inSurfaceWatercolor paperShare

Not everything needs to be perfect

There are a few things I would like to improve with this painting. I’m not fond of the face, and probably the perspective is off. I’m sharing it here because there are things that I do like such us the roses.

Roses have many symbolisms. We have assigned meanings to roses depending on the color. I went with rainbow roses here because even though they don’t grow naturally, I’m amazed about how they are created to exist. This represents the time and effort we can put into our goals.

The sketch

This drawing was done in 2014 in a drawing event with a life model. There are sketches and/or pieces of art that really make me feel I’m making progress and getting better. And this sketch, every time I see it, gives me that feeling.

Some people might point out, or see, that the sketch might look like the woman doesn’t have arms. The truth is that was the pose she had and that was how I was seeing her.

Just like in life, things don’t need to be perfect; and pieces of art don’t need to be perfect either.