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Confidence (2/2)

Facing insecurities

In 2019, I took an online course through called Illustrated Portrait in Watercolor. This class taught me better foundations to work with watercolors. As I do different studies with different mediums, I learn more of each one of them. I also face more insecurities and fears than others. I remember with each layer of this painting feeling I was going to mess the piece. The insecurity increased when it was time to do the background which I left for last.

There’s no easy path to face our insecurities, other than moving forward, and take one step at a time. In this case, all I could do was scan each progress, and keep working on the next layer. And having the progress scanned, it gave me a bit of relief. If I ended up making a mistake, I still had the scanned image which I could still offer as a print.

Click here to check out the digital version.

Oh fairy of my soul…
Thinking about life.
What goes inside no one knows.
Emptiness in all.

MediumWatercolorDateMarch, 2021Size9x12inSurfaceWatercolor paperShare