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“Loving Friendships” (Mixed Media)- Print


Details: Print from an Mixed Media (Gouche & Ink) painting.

Information about size options and shipping details are in the Description tab.

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Creating different versions of a painting in various media holds immense artistic value as it allows for a multifaceted exploration of the subject matter. Each medium possesses its own unique qualities, textures, and expressive potential, enabling the artist to convey their vision in diverse ways.

By embracing this diversity, artists can tap into a broader spectrum of emotions, perspectives, and interpretations, enriching the overall narrative and resonating with a wider audience. Moreover, the process of translating a piece across different media encourages a deeper understanding of the subject, fostering growth and evolution in the artist’s technique and style. Ultimately, this multidimensional approach elevates the artistic endeavor, inviting viewers to engage with the work on multiple levels and appreciate its nuanced complexities.

This idea for this painting can also be seen on the oil painting I did: Click here to view it.

Size Options and Shipping Information

Size (5.5×4.25in Card): Bright white matte and acid-free paper. 100% alpha cellulose base stock and it weights 60lb.

Size (5x7in): Semi-smooth matte paper, non-reflective surface in a bright white tone. 100% cotton fiber.

Size (8x10in): Medium depth sating paper that has 10.4mil in thickness. A brilliant and bold white paper.

Size (8.5x11in): Matte and acid-free paper made of 100% cotton. It has a pleasing white tone, and a smooth surface. The paper weights 300gsm(72lb.), has a 18mil in thickness and it’s a bright white color.

Size (11x14in): Matte surface with the right amount of texture. The color of each paper is bright white. Each print of this size weights 240gsm(60lb.) and has 10mil in thickness.

Shipping: Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for this piece to be printed and properly packed to be shipped.

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5.5×4.25in Card, 5x7in, 8x10in, 8.5x11in, 11x14in