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One brush stroke at a time

Big canvases ignite within me fear. I feel overwhelmed when I’m working on a large painting. I’m aware that is myself who puts pressure and compare myself with what I see online from other artists. Time-lapse videos of artist painting, fool your mind into thinking that’s the normal speed to create a painting. It doesn’t matter if rationally you know that a time-lapse video, it takes longer in reality.

The title of this post I use as a mantra when I’m in front of any painting but I noticed I use it more when I’m in front of large paintings I’m working on.

Have patience with all things, but first of all with yourself.

Saint Francis de Sales
Patience and Practice

To be better at something requires patience to understand and accept your own rhythm. It takes practice to show up, remember your intention(s), and not giving up. It’s a habit that can only form if you create your own toolbox to use every time, specially the hard times.

One day at a time. Once moment at a time.

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