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The importance of sketching practice

This part of the process helps you clarify what you have in your mind for an art piece. But it goes more than that, specially if you do it often if not daily. Sketching helps you improve your composition ideas, and build muscle memory.

You might think that you don’t know what can you sketch often. Let me share with you an idea I borrowed from an artist a watched on YouTube. You can choose one thing you like and draw it for one year straight. This practice will evolve as the days go by. When you feel the lack of energy to do any other sketch, if you think about what you chose and love to draw, then if might make it easier. I don’t do the daily practice because some days I get busy, but I’m keeping the record and my goal is to reach the 365 sketches of the item I chose.

Be a sketchbook collector

I’m aware that that first page of a sketchbook it’s a but intimidating. I encourage to keep your practice and you’ll see one day, that one of your precious possessions is the collection of sketchbooks.

Sketch for fun, and set your judgement aside. Give yourself the permission that not everything you sketch have to be an awesome idea.

Sketching time depends on you

The time you spend on each sketch is up to you. Sometimes you can keep track and write it down next to your sketch. When I feel low of energy to start my art day work, I try to do 5 minutes in one sketch. I use this as a warm up and if I don’t do anything else, then at least I have succeeded with my sketch practice.

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