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Conscious Peace

Afraid of going within. A piece of consciousness with each petal. Here we are, in a garden of souls, where peace doesn’t hide.

MediumDigitalDateAugust, 2021InspirationJohanna AcostaShare

The process behind

This piece started with a picture my sister sent me. She was in the balcony of our parent’s home, and she closed her eyes to take a picture of herself with her makeup.
She looked so peaceful, and beautiful to me. She chose my name when I was born, hence she has been a pivotal good influence in my life.

I usually start my digital paintings in black and white. One of the things I enjoy drawing and painting are flowers; it felt natural to include some. And I had an idea of the composition as soon as I saw my sister’s picture. I wanted to put her in a garden. Where we grew up, our garden had hibiscus. I wanted to include at least one in this painting to represent our childhood.

The color palette I wanted to stay within, was dictated by the original color of her blouse which was navy. This color helps me represent peace. The green background color represents the consciousness we try to reach when we keep our eyes closed.

1st Favorite thing

The sense of peace I feel when I see it. It reaches my consciousness and guide me to dream anything I want in my life.

2nd Favorite thing

Roses can represent different things depending on the color. My favorite flower on this painting is the top right tea rose or Rosa hybrida. I found out that pink roses mean gratitude and peace.