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Circles of Life

What to feel
when death threatens your existence.

How to keep the pieces of your life
close together,
hoping that nothing will get lost,
that nothing will be missed,
that fear is nowhere to be seen.

Unavoidable cycles of life,
holding them close;
with the certainty that
Death is not the only thing
we know for sure.

MediumDigitalDateOctober, 2019Size11x17inShare

Sketching practice

The sketch for this digital painting holds important memories for me. It was done in 3 sessions of 30 mins before I started chemotherapy in 2017. I wanted to do something with circles. Circles represent sometimes the cycle of life. I was inspired by Life and Death, how they coexists.

The digital painting took me longer to do. I played with texture, contrasts and at times it seemed like a childish drawing to me. Just like everything in life, creating requires practice. I’m working on putting value to my work and follow what makes me want to keep drawing and painting. We all have cycles in our lives that threaten us, but I try to remind myself that life comes and goes. Life will always have it’s challenges and the people around will help you.

The smaller circles represent to me people. Some people come at you caring for you. And at the same time, there are other people who you need to keep at a distance.

First favorite thing

I love this sketch and how I broke the skull into parts like a puzzle

Second favorite thing

When I have a good sketch, I like to keep that effect into the digital painting. I know that some artists like to leave certain parts of the process in the final piece. I enjoy doing that sometimes.