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Space Stroll

MediumDigitalDateAugust, 2021InspirationMy parentsShare

Simple Inspiration

Have you ever felt inspired by a picture? I have many times. This digital painting was inspired by an old picture of my parents.
I enjoy taking a piece of a photo and imagine it somewhere else. And I ask myself different questions thinking of parallel universes.

There are many elements in this painting that I like. The Space Needle, the cherry tree, and the 3 birds. I hope that I was able to represent love and the idea of a relationship that is free with spirits walking their own path. Each couple have their own walk, and the path represents where a couple wants to head together as a team, and still have each person’s individuality.

One thing I used from the picture, it’s a bit of the texture on the woman’s dress. I used opacity and overlap it with what I had painted. I want to not be afraid of mixing things in the art that I create.

Space Needle and Cherry Tree

The reference photos I used for the Space Needle and Cherry Tree are my own. The Cherry flowers that have a short life are in contrast with the Space Needle ever present.

The 3 birds

The specific reason behind the 3 birds, it’s that we are 3 siblings in my family. I’m aware that birds represent freedom and eternity. Each bird on the painting, depending on it’s position, represent a different personality that my and my siblings have: free spirited, wonderous soul, and grounded mind.