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Representing a feeling

As an introverted, there are times when I like to stay in silence. I observe my feelings and whish I didn’t have to share how I feel sometimes. If only I always had images handy to illustrate what and how I’m feeling. My focus with this painting was to share a feeling of despair. This oil painting represents despair, rebirth and hope. The feeling of hope that comes from hardest times, and rebirth of our hope and dreams.

One artist that inspire me, it’s James Jean. I have a series of his postcards frames in my living room. His art help me be inspired when working on this painting. I see on some of his paintings visual cues to let the imagination roam free. I like the simplicity of elements to portray the feeling of despair. Here I’m sharing the different layers as the progress for this project.

MediumOilDate2021Size8x10inSurfaceStretched CanvasShare