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Loving Friendships

MediumOilDateJanuary, 2022Size16x20inSurfaceStretched CanvasShare

Recycling a canvas

One time during Christmas, I went to a Paint and Sip activity. I enjoyed the event and I got to see that part of art. I knew I was not going to be selling that piece but I could recycle it instead of throwing it away. I used it to create this painting where the hummingbird was based on one of my tattoos.

I’m still discovering which mediums I enjoy working with. The first painting used acrylic, and I switch it to oil for this piece. I find that oil painting have a softness I enjoy working with. It requires patience between layers to wait for drying. This time it can be used to work in other projects and create a detachment. When it’s time to go back, you can fall in love again with the piece.

This painting represents friendships and magical love. It also represents the electricity around us which illuminates what we find in our journeys.

The hummingbird

There is a version of this hummingbird as part of a tattoo design I created. The hummingbird symbolizes joy, healing, and good luck. I see wonder and freedom.

Hibiscus flowers

Where I grew up had a garden with hibiscus flowers. They are a good compliment for the hummingbird providing love, beauty, friendship and passion for life.