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Land of Oil Tales

Blood of the earth
feeds dreams.
It reaches places
where magic exists.
Let life be,
letting all the colors shine
through the pain
of our modern world.

MediumDigitalDateDecember, 2021CompositionJuly, 2013Share

The story behind

I can say that this was my very first digital painting. I took a Digital Painting class for a couple of months in 2013 at an Art Studio in Montreal, Canada. Even though it was a great class, I feel I didn’t take full advantage. I was working full time, volunteering, and wasn’t taking art seriously. It takes years of practice to get good at something, and I wasn’t ready to put in the time. This painting is an homage to where I grew up. A little town called Barrancabermeja in Colombia where oil is produced. I grew up next to an oil refinery for the first 16 years of my life.

I wanted to share here some of the iteration process to get to a place where I felt the painting was done. Composition is more than putting things together; anything that you want to put, ideally should make sense. Sometimes you start a painting using references that inspire you. For a while, I felt that I could see a section was very close to a reference I used, and that bothered me.

After finishing the first iteration for the class, I didn’t work on it for a couple more years. In 2021, after creating a few other digital paintings, I gained a bit more skills. I felt the call to revisit this painting and do a final round of improvements. As I keep going through my art journey, I’m noticing that I’m going to feel that some art pieces will always need more work. It’s a conscious choice to realize that the piece doesn’t need to be perfect but it needs to be let go.