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“Inner Child” – Print


Details: Digital painting.

Information about size options and shipping details are in the Description tab.

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🎨💫 Capturing Innocence: A Glimpse into My Art 🌟✨

Diving into the realm of digital art I share this heartfelt creation sparked by the pure innocence radiating from my beloved niece. 🎨✨ As I gaze upon it, an enchanting invitation stirs within me, beckoning to rediscover the unbridled wonder of my own inner child. 💖👧👦

This artwork not only honors the curious spirit that once explored the world with wide-eyed awe, but it also tenderly embraces the child within me who, for reasons unbeknownst, yearned for validation during a pivotal chapter of life. 🌠🌱 The journey to mend and nurture this inner child is an ongoing odyssey, one that tests my resilience and commitment, yet the rewards it unfurls are immeasurable and profound. 🌈🌟

Size Options and Shipping Information

Size (5.5×4.25in Card): Bright white matte and acid-free paper. 100% alpha cellulose base stock and it weights 60lb.

Size (5x7in): Semi-smooth matte paper, non-reflective surface in a bright white tone. 100% cotton fiber.

Size (8x10in): Medium depth sating paper that has 10.4mil in thickness. A brilliant and bold white paper.

Size (8.5x11in): Matte and acid-free paper made of 100% cotton. It has a pleasing white tone, and a smooth surface. The paper weights 300gsm(72lb.), has a 18mil in thickness and it’s a bright white color.

Size (11x14in): Matte surface with the right amount of texture. The color of each paper is bright white. Each print of this size weights 240gsm(60lb.) and has 10mil in thickness.

Shipping: Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for this piece to be printed and properly packed to be shipped.

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5.5×4.25in Card, 5x7in, 8x10in, 8.5x11in, 11x14in