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“Lotus Family” – Print


Details: Digital Painting Print.

Information about size options and shipping details are in the Description tab.

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“Lotus Family” is a mesmerizing digital painting that harmoniously blends intricate elements to tell a poignant and empowering story. At the center of the composition, two distinct lotus flowers emerge, each symbolizing purity, resilience, and transformation. Their petals gracefully unfurl, revealing delicate layers that evoke a sense of growth and inner strength.

Hovering around the top lotus flower, three monarch butterflies dance with an ethereal grace, embodying the essence of change, hope, family, and endurance.

Nestled within the composition, a small breast cancer symbol serves as a subtle yet profound tribute to those who have faced and conquered this challenging journey like myself. It stands as a testament to the courage and unity of those who have fought against adversity, weaving an undercurrent of solidarity into the artwork.

The painting is adorned with gentle watercolor touches that cascade like gentle brushstrokes of emotion. Soft gradients of pastel blues and greens form a tranquil background, reminiscent of serene water reflecting the boundless sky. The watercolor technique lends an air of dreaminess to the piece, enveloping the scene in a comforting aura.

“Lotus Family” is not just a digital painting; it’s a visual narrative that encapsulates the themes of growth, resilience, unity, and hope. It invites viewers to contemplate the intricate beauty that can arise from life’s challenges and to find solace in the collective strength of the human spirit.

Size Options and Shipping Information

Size (5.5×4.25in Card): Bright white matte and acid-free paper. 100% alpha cellulose base stock and it weights 60lb.

Size (5x7in): Semi-smooth matte paper, non-reflective surface in a bright white tone. 100% cotton fiber.

Size (8x10in): Medium depth sating paper that has 10.4mil in thickness. A brilliant and bold white paper.

Size (8.5x11in): Matte and acid-free paper made of 100% cotton. It has a pleasing white tone, and a smooth surface. The paper weights 300gsm(72lb.), has a 18mil in thickness and it’s a bright white color.

Shipping: Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for this piece to be printed and properly packed to be shipped.

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5.5×4.25in Card, 5x7in, 8x10in, 8.5x11in