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“Comforted by sweet centers” – Print


Details: Digital painting.

Information about size options and shipping details are in the Description tab.

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Read more about the story behind this digital art piece here.

🎨🌸 Embracing Life and Friendship 🌸🎨

Amidst the vibrant colors of nature, this digital painting holds a powerful message close to my heart.

Witness the grace of a hummingbird, symbolizing resilience and the joy of living in the moment. It reminds us that life’s fleeting beauty should be cherished.

The cherry blossom, delicate yet resilient, serves as a reminder of life’s ephemeral nature and the importance of savoring every precious moment.

The hibiscus blooms, representing the strength and courage needed to overcome life’s challenges, including those posed by cancer. It’s a tribute to the warriors who face these battles with unwavering spirit.

The two roses signify the power of friendship and its unwavering support during tough times. True friends offer comfort and love, making the journey easier to navigate. ❤️

The little heart with a semicolon beautifully depicts the significance of mental health and suicide prevention. Let’s remember that life’s struggles are not the end but a pause, a reminder to keep going.

In this artwork, we find solace in the beauty of life, friendship, and the strength to combat the challenges life throws at us. Together, we can raise awareness and support one another through all of life’s ups and downs.

Let’s stand united in spreading hope and compassion.

Size Options and Shipping Information

Size (5.5×4.25in Card): Bright white matte and acid-free paper. 100% alpha cellulose base stock and it weights 60lb.

Size (5x7in): Semi-smooth matte paper, non-reflective surface in a bright white tone. 100% cotton fiber.

Size (8x10in): Medium depth sating paper that has 10.4mil in thickness. A brilliant and bold white paper.

Size (8.5x11in): Matte and acid-free paper made of 100% cotton. It has a pleasing white tone, and a smooth surface. The paper weights 300gsm(72lb.), has a 18mil in thickness and it’s a bright white color.

Size (11x14in): Matte surface with the right amount of texture. The color of each paper is bright white. Each print of this size weights 240gsm(60lb.) and has 10mil in thickness.

Shipping: Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for this piece to be printed and properly packed to be shipped.

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5.5×4.25in Card, 5x7in, 8x10in, 8.5x11in, 11x14in