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Starting with one simple step… writing down your idea(s)

1idea is all it takes to start an art project. This simple step is just writing down without worrying if it’s going to lead to a drawing, a painting or both. You can start writing them down in your phone because it might be what you usually have handy in many times of your daily life. When imagination strikes again with a new idea, go back to that first one, and start creating your list of creative ideas.

My experience of why I started writing it down, it was thanks to my husband. He has a very vivid imagination but he says he lacks the talent to make art. Knowing how forgetful I can be, I started writing down his ideas as I started coming up with my own. Up until now, I have written more than 30 ideas. I’ve also set apart a folder with other ideas that I taken from my sketch practices, which I think they can work as paintings for the future.

Always write your ideas down however silly or trivial they might seem. Keep a notebook with you at all times

Michael Morpurgo

Another option of where to write down your ideas, it’s if you carry a small notebook with you. That didn’t work for me, and my notebook is my phone. When I remember, then I transfer the new items to the spreadsheet I created in my google documents account to keep a digital backup.

There are moments that I don’t know what I can paint, and if being a professional Artist is in my path. Many moments I feel like a fraud, and lack of talent. But when I read the list of art ideas I have, I have emotions of hope and a little more faith in myself starts coming back. I feel that I’ll stop pursuing being an Artist, when I have brought to life all the items in my list. As long as I keep getting these ideas, I should keep going and keep practicing.

Extra tip if you’re not pursuing an Art career

Have you heard of bullet journals? If you haven’t, and feel like you could use focus on your goals/ideas, then I suggest you search this type of journal. There are many options out there, and you can find simple options as well. Bullet journaling helps with focusing on your goals, and life, specially if you’re a bit lost.

Remember that writing down helps with grounding you and helping you in many aspects of your life, such us your mental and emotional state.

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