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How to put value in your Art

Many people who pursue Art have struggled with recognizing their value of their drawings and paintings. It sometimes feel that is part of our DNA to think and feel that our art doesn’t matter. We tend to depend on others to tell us how good and creative our pieces are. It’s a constant struggle and journey in life to understand that part of us, and practice acceptance to help us live in harmony with the challenge.

I have struggled with recognizing my talent as an Artist. This probably happened since the moment I chose an Engineering degree instead of an Art degree back in 1997 when I was finishing high school in Colombia. Now, I repeat to myself that those were other times, and if I’m happy (or content at least) to how my life has turned out… then choosing Engineering was the right step and no hard feelings with life.

Be your #1 Fan

I’m taking the above sentence “Be your #1 Fan” from a Spanish podcast I listened to recently. Ever since I heard it, it makes sense to use it as an affirmation that I repeat to myself almost daily. If I’m not my #1 fan of myself, and of the projects I draw and paint, how can I expect others to enjoy it as I do and see me as an Artist?

If you want to achieve your greatest self, be your own biggest fan.

Steve Maraboli

Whatever you’re struggling with life, be on your own corner and cheer yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you. Be your #1 fan to elevate your view of yourself. This can help you feel better and face the daily challenges.

Creative practice to every project

One thing you can practice when looking at your project, it’s to point out sections or elements that you like. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny detail. Your mind might fall first to look at the things you don’t like. Starting to go through one thing you like about how you did something, it gives you a better mindset to become the Fan you need in your own life.

Be your #1 fan in your life and don’t apologize for it.
Having good self-esteem has to start somewhere.

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